As of 7.26.2017, we will be reminicsing on the fun that was had during Summer 2017 in 58 days to be exact. Yes ladies, time is ticking and this season will be a memory before you know it. But, don't be dismayed, such is life. Change is inevitable and it's best to be ahead of it.  

Like most beauties, we get comfortable with our favorites and end up keeping the same pieces in rotation for the entire season while neglecting the rest of our closet. The same statement necklace, same shorts, same clutch, same earrings, or the same shoes pop up in just about every picture. Here are three quick and dirty tips on maximizing your Summer looks for the next 58 days for a sum total of $0.00. ($0 is dependent upon your manicure routine.)

#1 DUST OFF   

... those fabulous exotic Summer handbags that have not been utilized since 2016 or earlier years and put it in rotation. I'm taking my own advice and incorporating these to my Summer wardrobe for the next several weeks:


... with the little black dress and all black outfits. Say hello to your white dresses and all white attire. Some people have so much hesitation with wearing white, which is totally understandable. A medal should be given to those who can wear white without getting a spot on it. But despite the hesitation, wear the white dress anyway. Pull out the white tee, the white distressed jeans, and be fearless. Seriously. Take the risk.  These combinations will give your wardrobe a fresh look.


... that other Summer nail polish color. I know I am not the only one that falls in love with a nail polish color and keep it on repeat week after week. Nope, I didn't think so! The season is quickly approaching its end and there are so many fantabulous Summer hues waiting to grace your beautiful nails. Try a new color. I dare you! 

The bottomline is that there's no point in investing your money into a wardrobe that is not utilized to its full potential. Add some versatility to your look and pull out those neglected pieces from your closet. You'll thank me later. Up for the challenge? You don't have that much time. Just do it!


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