PHoto courtesy of dee jestene

What is Styled By OmiOmy?

Styled By OmiOmy is an image consulting business on a mission to style, inspire, empower, and liberate clients from the inside out.  In my opinion, many people are held back in life due to having a negative self image.  There’s unimaginable power in the way our thoughts affect our appearance. The way we feel and see ourselves hold so much power in the way we dress, our confidence, and perspective.  When I see people, I see them at their best. I work passionately to highlight all of their attractiveness, cultivate their own personal style, and empower them to execute with confidence.  That defines the core of Styled By OmiOmy.  I produce results and bring out the best in my clients.  I specialize in wardrobe styling, image consulting, personal shopping, and conducting educational seminars.

What’s your inspiration for Styled By OmiOmy?

As a child, all of the trendy expensive looks were not in my closet. But, my mother, whew, my dear Mama, could design a lust-worthy magazine spread with clothing, footwear, and accessories from K-Mart and Payless.  Outfits were fashionably coordinated and no one could’ve guessed where I shopped. I was perfectly fine with what I wore because I looked and felt like the star of the ball. No one could’ve told me anything different.  Even if they tried, I didn’t care.  I loved my style.  I believe that’s where I embraced the confidence and liberation of being unique.  Was I forced into it? Hmm, possibly!  That belief is at the core of Styled By OmiOmy.  Everyone is a priceless unique treasure and money should never be the determining factor of looking good while embracing your personal style.