Hire Styled By OmiOmy to transform your look and get results!

Hire Styled By OmiOmy to transform your look and get results!


Hire your very own personal stylist to create an irresistible look for an event or photo shoot?  Outfits can be created from your very own closet.
(Hair and make-up consultation included at your request.)




When you don't have the time or simply need someone to do the shopping for you, Styled By OmiOmy is at your service to get it done within your specified budget.  Clothing will be brought to your location for a fitting, then you have the option to keep what you LOVE.  Your stylist will return the rest. Digital pics are included so that you don't have remember how to pair each outfit.



Wardrobe Haul

It's time to get your wardrobe up to par with your current image and style.  The process includes taking inventory of your current wardrobe, then categorizing each item into the LOVE, DECEASED, or SHARE pile.  The LOVE pile is used to create attractive classic outfits.  The DECEASED pile include items that are torn and not eligible to be worn in public. The SHARE pile include unflattering pieces and is recommended for donation.  Recommendation ofpieces to add to your wardrobe as well as digital pictures of each created look are also provided.


Style Seminars

Specialized motivational and educational workshops on customized content for any audience.


Want A Quote?

Above is just a sample of some of the amazing style services.  If you want to collaborate with me to customize your particular service, click the link below to apply for a complimentary 15 minute consultation.