Self Care 101- Special Holiday Edition

National holidays are to be celebrated and your birthday fits perfectly in that category. Yep, your birthday is a national holiday. If you didn't know, "Now you know!"  It should not be treated as just another day. Take this PSA (Public Service Announcement) to heart. The day Wonder Woman, (Insert your mama's name) went through excruciating pain and welcomed your exceptional self into this world, MUST be recognized and celebrated in your own unique way.

You teach people how to treat you. I have lived and learned that truth. If you have a whatever attitude about your special day then that's exactly how people will treat it. Like it is whatever. Some may start out attempting to celebrate you on your special day but your joy kill type of attitude may eventually wear them out. Eventually causing their efforts to seem unappreciated. Others may fear that your "Whatever." attitude will spill over to how you are going to treat them on their special holiday. Can you blame them? If you don't celebrate yourself then it is a clear indication of how you will treat a friend, loved one, or spouse.

Do not misinterpret this advice. You don't have to travel across the country or throw an elaborate shindig in  a ballroom filled with a ton of people criticizing your food choice and venue. Since it's your special holiday then it should be celebrated just the way you desire. That could mean having a staycation, doing a couple of your favorite things, eating your favorite meal, or staying on the couch all day doing absolutely not a darn thing. A shower can wait! Nonetheless, you're celebrating it and you are not treating it as a "WHATEVER!" kind of day. It's a day where others can honor your existence and a time to reflect on how far you have grown, and imagine where all the places you will go.

Self care in action.

August 22nd causes my heart to skip a beat every year. My heart is touched as I am showered with acts of love from my friends and loved ones. I'm overjoyed as I embark on a new year, hopeful of what is to come, and for 24 hours it is all about me. If you are like me, so much time is dedicated to helping others be great that it is more than ok to commit your special holiday to focus on you and how blessed you are. No permission is needed anyway. Do what it takes to help you along the journey of being your authentic exceptional self.

Self care for the win!

Indulge me as I go down memory lane of birthdays past.